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S29P Sublimation Paper

S29P Sublimation Paper

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S29P paper is more than just AMAZING COLOR RELEASE! It’s the paper that allows you to ditch the butcher paper. Our sublimation paper has THE BEST color release ever and has been fully tested to ensure we meet your needs.

💛 No Paper Jams 99% color release to create AMAZINGLY VIVID COLORS
💛 No Fading, color will stand the test of time

This paper requires no butcher paper because there is NO BLEEDING! Fast dry system works best when using the following printers: Epson, Epson Eco Tank and Sawgrass printers. This high precision ink will allow you to see greater ink saving and cost savings with NO BUTCHER PAPER REQUIRED.

For the best color please use print settings below

Paper: Plain paper/bright white paper

Quality: High

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